Sunday, October 28, 2012

My First Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Okay...I am going to attempt to join in on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I need to let everyone know that I've been a point and shoot gal all my life. Back in February I finally got up the nerve to buy a Big Girl Camera but have been too afraid to go off the auto setting. I finally enrolled in a basic Photography class and have been to one session. I honestly have no idea what I am doing...but I'm excited to learn. It was fun playing with different setting, even if the results weren't the greatest.

Here goes...

1. Pattern(s)
This fence goes on and a big zig-zag

2. Machine
I looked all week for something that I could "shoot" and came up empty...this was my feeble last minute attempt to complete the assignment. 

3. Signs or Logos
The Sheetz logo is an icon in my neck of the woods. I can be found carrying a Sheetz coffee cup on most days. 

4. Rocks or Stones
I actually have a photo of some rocks in my yard but I was moving these rock-like bags of applesauce to a different freezer and couldn't help but smile when I looked down into the box. My niece helped me make the applesauce and decorated the bags. She's a girl after my own heart! 

5. Sparkle
My favorite photo of the week...hands down! I wish it would have been a little clearer but the subject in the photo makes my heart go pitter patter. I love my Freddie and the "sparkle" in his eyes! 

Well that's it. My first attempt. I can honestly say that things can only get better the more I learn and practice. This was fun!


  1. KRISTIE....these are AWESOME. You did sooo good. I love all of them. You are a total natural. Kristen said that as soon as she saw your blog.... I'm so happy you did it. Can't wait to see next weeks shots!!!!

  2. Love your pug! We have one too! I just love their sweet faces.

  3. Welcome to the hunt!
    You did a great job. I'm still using a Point and Shoot (can't afford anything else right now).

    I totally love your shots for Pattern (very pretty view) Machine (so fun) and Sparkle (totally adorable) We have a pug Cricket, She's black and only has 3 legs but is such a character.

  4. I just bought a big girl camera, too. It's got lots of settings I haven't a clue what they're for, but I'm having fun learning. You did great!

  5. hi... I usually come late... but really late this week due to large candy events in my life! if you visit you'll understand! ha ha... anyway... LOVE the fence shot! nice job with your big girl camera... I dream of getting one! ;) and the applesauce... too cute! and yes... LOVE your pug/s... our spaniel stole our hearts...but I do love pugs! ha ha

  6. I bought a Canon Powershot SX40HS. It's got tons of bells and whistles it will take me awhile to figure out.