Friday, July 12, 2013


Almost six months since I've had anything to say here.....really?? I don't even know where time goes. It seems to go by so fast and yet it drags on. I have a million words to write but yet I don't write any. So much has happened in the last six months but I don't even know where to begin. On the adoption front, we are still waiting.....forever's excruciating but necessary. We're making progress but things move soooooooo very slowly in the adoption least in the country we're working with. We're working on her room. It's coming together nicely. I will do a series of posts on the room case anyone is interested. Life is good. Everyone is healthy. The pugs are still chubby. My heart is still longing for our sweet little girl who is trapped in an orphanage many miles away. The garden is exploding...I'll get a post up about that too. We're still dividing our time between home and our home away from home up north. I haven't learned anything new about my big girl camera lately. Hmmm.....what else?? My crafting list is a mile long and I'm not making much headway. I'm currently re-reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. We've been getting a lot of rain so my hammock time has been limited.....and I miss it very much. My sweet traveling man and I have been reading the bible together (many times over the phone) and I'm enjoying it.....the intimate time where we can connect together with the word of God. We've studied fasting and are applying the principals of prayer and fasting to our lives on a regular basis and I am blown away by God's greatness!!! I"m blessed and I'm trying to remember that on a daily basis.