Friday, November 30, 2012

Zippy Strippy Quilt

Waiting, it's one of the many things I'm learning to do these day. For anyone involved in an international adoption, you know that you wait...a lot. You wait for an email or a phone call or an important piece of mail. You wait to see the face of someone you already have fallen hopelessly in love with, to find out about her little life up to now. Waiting, waiting, waiting...especially for the day when you can fly across the ocean to whatever country you are adopting from and bring that special someone home. It's brutal and almost cruel, this thing called waiting.

I'm thankful for the means we're moving from step to step. It may also mean that I'm learning some much needed patience, or at least trying to learn. God is teaching me lessons through this adoption that He knows I need to learn. Thank you God!

Keeping busy helps the time go by.

The other week I made a Zippy Strippy Quilt. I've made at least a dozen over the past few years. They are a quick project and always turn out beautiful.

This particular quilt was made for the one I'm waiting for. When I look at it, I see her safe and warm, snuggling up on our couch, knowing that she is loved and wanted!!

Picking out the fabric for one of these quilts is a fun was even more fun for this particular project. You can't tell from the photo, but the blue corduroy has glitter all over it.
I love bright colors...and polka dots!

Little piles of fabric...they're waiting too.

Neat  "sandwiches" waiting to be sewed.

You only need to sew straight lines, which is a good thing because that's all I know how to sew.

Snip and wash is all that is left to do.

The finished project! It's warm, and snuggly...and waiting for her!

Lily wanted to check out the snuggle factor.

I think it passed the test...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday- 2nd attempt

Well to be honest I feel like I know less about my camera now than I did a week ago...I can't wait to get that aha moment.

1) Wild:

We had the privilege of going to Sydney and Cameron's cheering competition yesterday...I am absolutely Wild about these two gals.

2) Welcome:

This is the Welcome you'll see if you come knocking on my front door this time of year.

3) Adventure:

I have always been fascinated with the thought of fairies! So much that I've concocted a plan to hide a fairy door in our woods and create a story that I can tell my grandkids...someday. I can only imagine the Adventures that go on behind that door!

4) Vibrant:

I bought fabric to make a Zippy Strippy Quilt  for someone VERY special. I wanted it to be bright and Vibrant not to mention Comfy and Cozy!

5) Classic

Even though I'm not completely pleased with the results and will stick with my tried and true chocolate cake recipe in the future, I love a Classic chocolate cake with chocolate icing...and so do the men in my life. :)

I can't wait to get started with next weeks list!