Thursday, October 27, 2016

be a piece of the puzzle

we have to raise all the funds for this adoption. we are hoping and praying we will qualify for a lot of grant money, we have some savings we can use, george's job will reimburse a small amount once she is home and the rest of the funds needed, we plan to fundraise. we hope to have a t shirt sale once we get closer to bringing her home but for now we are selling puzzle pieces.

how does that work?? glad you asked. we bought a 500 piece puzzle and are selling pieces for $20. by buying a piece of the puzzle you are literally partnering with us to be a piece of the puzzle to get her home. we write your name on the back of a piece and add it to the puzzle. it has been so much fun to watch is slowly come together. once the puzzle is finished, we plan to have it framed between two pieces of glass. that way she'll be able to see the back and feel all the love it took to get her here.

look at our progress over the past few months...
just an idea and a box full of puzzle pieces

getting started

making progress

now it's really starting to come together

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

oops, we did it again

no fancy or clever words...we just want to say...WE ARE ADOPTING AGAIN!!!!

we knew pretty early on that we wanted to add one more child to our family. having raised a sibling set already it just makes sense to do it again. the close bond that jared and brant share is something we want for mallory too. she gets along great with her brothers but they are honestly old enough to be her father. she needs someone closer in age. someone to share all the worlds ups and downs.

there was never any doubt that we would go back to India. we have fallen in love with the country and it's people and feel strongly that our girls should share the same heritage.

we spend the summer updating our home study and in september we registered with CARA (via our agency) to adopt a girl a little older than mallory. we are currently waiting for approval and expect it any day now.

truthfully i thought the waiting would be so much easier the second time around. we would be busy with mallory, we've been through it before...but it is not one bit all.

last time we fell in love with mallory anitha before we even knew who she was. this time around we are completely in love with the daughter that God has picked out for us. we just haven't met her yet.

our journey is a bit different this time. we are counting on raising all the funds (we self funded last time) and we are adopting out of birth order (don't worry, we've done our research and have talked with a professional)

we couldn't be more excited to be on this journey again or more impatient to get to her!!

stay tuned..........
the pile on the left is our application to start our new adoption. the pile on the right is what it took to bring mallory home. we have a ways to go

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

fall fun with our little one

the other day i was inspired by my sister in law to get out my big girl camera and snap a few shots of Mallory before all the leaves blew away with the impending rain. my how she has changed these last few years. slow down time!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

really...has it been that long!?!

three years next month! that's how long it has been since i published a blog post. time flies! 

we were in the middle of adopting our daughter from india. our hearts were aching for her! it felt like the waiting would never end. but it did! she has been home for over two years. she is delightful (most days) and is learning to spread her wings and thrive! here are a few pics of our cutie...
finally able to reach out and touch her!                                 
outside the courthouse in india                           
home just a few short weeks
it's amazing what a whole lot of love and care can do...look at the change in her eyes!
metamorphosis was the perfect word for vocal day
her eyes are beginning to have a twinkle!

she has changed so much in just two short years
mallory anitha rigo...our little blessing