Thursday, October 27, 2016

be a piece of the puzzle

we have to raise all the funds for this adoption. we are hoping and praying we will qualify for a lot of grant money, we have some savings we can use, george's job will reimburse a small amount once she is home and the rest of the funds needed, we plan to fundraise. we hope to have a t shirt sale once we get closer to bringing her home but for now we are selling puzzle pieces.

how does that work?? glad you asked. we bought a 500 piece puzzle and are selling pieces for $20. by buying a piece of the puzzle you are literally partnering with us to be a piece of the puzzle to get her home. we write your name on the back of a piece and add it to the puzzle. it has been so much fun to watch is slowly come together. once the puzzle is finished, we plan to have it framed between two pieces of glass. that way she'll be able to see the back and feel all the love it took to get her here.

look at our progress over the past few months...
just an idea and a box full of puzzle pieces

getting started

making progress

now it's really starting to come together

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