Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Prep

This week is busy. Vacation bible school runs all week. Between VBS and everything else on my to do list, the weekend is creeping up fast. My husband and one son will be coming home from Massachusetts Thursday evening so our weekend will be starting early. I thought I better get a jump start on everything I hope to prep beforehand.

Here's my to do list:

  • vacuum house and clean bathrooms (my minimum cleaning requirement)

  • make pasta salad (isn't is always better after a few days!?!)

  • get a boat launch permit (for the adorable rowboat my sons bought me for mothers day)

  • shop for weekend grocery supplies

  • decide on making mini patriotic pies or a flag slab pie

  • clean all the outdoor chairs and picnic table

  • put bunting on wagon and mini flags in window boxes

  • find bunting for above to do (if George put it away, it could be anywhere)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready or I go

Hello. Is anybody out there? This is my first blog post...ever and if the truth be told, it's also an assignment from a very dear friend. You see, I've been kicking the idea around about joining the blog world for quite sometime and even went so far as to give this little blog a name. I added a profile to my blog then, zip, nada, nothing. It's just been sitting here...waiting...lonely...for me. Every few days I stopped by, dreaming I guess, of actually taking the plunge and posting something, anything. One day I stopped by my little blog(less) and noticed I had a follower. Yikes! Pressure! My follower soon sent me an email with an assignment to make a I am and here it is. Not history in the making, but baby steps...a gentle nudge. Thanks Lettie. Love ya!