Thursday, September 1, 2016

really...has it been that long!?!

three years next month! that's how long it has been since i published a blog post. time flies! 

we were in the middle of adopting our daughter from india. our hearts were aching for her! it felt like the waiting would never end. but it did! she has been home for over two years. she is delightful (most days) and is learning to spread her wings and thrive! here are a few pics of our cutie...
finally able to reach out and touch her!                                 
outside the courthouse in india                           
home just a few short weeks
it's amazing what a whole lot of love and care can do...look at the change in her eyes!
metamorphosis was the perfect word for vocal day
her eyes are beginning to have a twinkle!

she has changed so much in just two short years
mallory anitha rigo...our little blessing

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