Thursday, October 11, 2012

My {Soon to be} White Picket Fence Garden

This spring we realized a longtime dream of having a white picket fence garden. We planned and saved for what seemed like forever. I was so excited when the fence company showed up and started work. 
The progress was quick and my excitement was growing.
They left as quickly as they came and then it was our turn. This is where we stepped in. My son Jared drew up some plans and we made a trip to the lumber yard. After emptying our pockets of some more cash, we  headed home to build the raised beds.
We had a little help from our favorite Amish guy. Everything came together nicely.
A little (okay a lot) of dirt and and some work on the walkways and we're ready to plant.

Peek-A-Boo...Fred sees you!

 There's still a lot to do. We need to wait until spring to paint it white (although I have to admit I'm loving the natural color) and then we'll landscape around the outside of the fence...lots of galvanized buckets of herbs, raspberry bushes, some hydrangea, and a few other surprises.

I'm still pinching myself...I cannot believe I get to garden in this lovely little piece of paradise!


  1. OH, I love this! I have a much smaller version of a picket fence garden that I mostly have herbs in. I didn't paint mine white...but it is definitely a "must" for you!