Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time Out

I'm not at home this week. I'm up north with the men I love, I'm spending some quality time at our home away from home. It's been different from other trips. I usually spend my time running here or there, or I bring someone along with me and we make trips to Martha's Vineyard, Boston or any number of other places. Not this time, this time I am hiding out. My guys are working night shift (7pm-5am) and I am trying to keep their schedule. They leave for work and I head to my room, just me and the dogs and settle in. I wear the same ratty old black sweater and some really comfy striped pajama pants, I'm sipping sweet tea, pinning until my hearts content, making Christmas lists, (finally) learning how to crochet a granny square...I have a pile of them to prove it, watching Gilmore Girls and daydreaming about the day we get to travel to a faraway place to bring our little girl(s) home. It's a time out. A time to rethink things, reconnect with my family and spend some precious alone time with my God. It's been good. No, it's been great. I'll go back to the regular routine next week. I'll count down the weeks until my guys get to come home for the winter months and I'll obsessively check my email on an hourly basis...hoping to get word that it's time to move onto the next phase of this long adoption process. I can't help but is good and God is great!!!


  1. I love that alone time to really reflect on just how awesome The Lord is and how truly blessed we are. God is good, so good. It sounds like you are loving life and that is good to know joy even while waiting. Love and miss you.