Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project overload

Do you ever have too many irons in the fire? Too many things going on at once? Do you ever have so many things that you want to do, that you start on several things at the same time? That is the story of my life. For some reason I cannot start a project, finish it, then move on to the next one. No. I start a project, work on it a little, start another project, collect a few more things to work on and then find myself on total overload. Self imposed overload. Will I ever learn!?! Probably not.
Here are a few pictures of things I am currently working on. Some are almost finished...hallelujah!

I was inspired by this blog post . She has the most beautiful home and the most beautiful blog. It's one of the first blogs I ever started reading. Still a favorite. Then I happened to pick up the June 2009 issue of Romantic Homes and found an article on yard conservatory's by the same lady that had made the one I fell in love with. The article had very clear and simple directions for making your own conservatory. I think I got the windows a week later. That was over a year ago. We just recently got it assembled and I just finished painting everything. All that is left to do is to bling it up a little. I'm now gathering some decorative elements. Wreath, chandelier or shabby wind chime, some gingerbread, etc. I think I'll plant ferns inside. I want to get it finished up so I can check it off my to do list.

I am also working on an old (and in very poor condition) hutch. I hope to use it as a potting bench. Bought it last summer. Just finished the top. Now I need to try and reconstruct the bottom. I am totally rethinking my $20 investment. Don't they say "time is money"?
Six more plants to plant on the top level of our rock gardens by the driveway and the only thing left to do will be to put some stone steps in on the side. And to plant thyme all around them so they smell pretty when stepped on. I'd love to call this "project" finished. It has dragged on forever.
I want to get this glider painted white before the snow flies. And if we don't get this mess cleaned up soon I think I'll go crazy. This little cutie is just waiting for me to pay some attention to it. I'm thinking I'll plant something trailing. For now I'm just going to find the perfect spot for him.
Last (for today, not last of my project overload) is this beauty. Love at first site...that's how I describe how I felt the other week as I walked into a barn sale. $25 bucks. It needs a lot of TLC. I have big plans. Big! I'd love to get the dirty work (repair work) done before the weather turns cold. If I can get her ready, I will have lots of fun decorating and bringing her back to life on those long winter days. People want to know why I bought a dollhouse. I want to know why anyone wouldn't want to buy a dollhouse. I never had one when I was a kid. I didn't have girls. I need to satisfy my inner child and I can always practice on this house for when I have granddaughters...right!?! :)

Now I better get off this computer and get busy...right!?!


  1. I love the dollhouse! I saw an old rickety one at Goodwill the other day that looked like a replica of a 1970's home. Linoleum and all!

    I was tempted...I might have to go back and check if its still there...

  2. Looks like you have plenty to do. I would rather have projects piling up than be bored. I have an old doll house that I am working on too. I'll let you know when I start working on it.

  3. I think we all have 'overload'! I start things and mean to finish, I just end up doing something else too. I love the doll house! I still have the girls Barbie stuff here! Next time you visit we can get it all out, lol!