Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Fruit to Fruity Goodness

It's wide known around this area that I will can anything I can get my hands on. If someone is giving away their excess...I am more than willing to accept their generosity.
While I was in Massachusetts my sister texted me asking if I wanted grapes from a lady at her church. I accepted without hesitation. My mind started spinning with what I might do with my free bounty. I decided to do what any girl would do with an excess of grapes. Make grape jelly. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, so it's only natural that when life gives you grapes, you make grape jelly...right!?! That's what I thought.
What I did not think of, was all the stuff I had to get done after returning home from a week away. The catching up that goes along with being gone from home. Oh well...what's one more thing on an already too long list?

Oh, and an added bonus...purple hands. I attended a Pampered Chef party at my sister in law's house the night I made the jelly and my sweet little niece, Taylor, said...and I quote..."your hands are dirty"...I said no, they are stained from making grape jelly...and she said "they look dirty to me"and walked away...I don't think she believed me. I'm pretty sure she thinks I came to the party with dirty hands.

*~*Ooh, and don't you just love the new canning lids!?! I am so happy to see the old ugly gold ones disappear. I love the new silver colored ones. So much prettier. *~*


  1. I love the new silver lids, too! I just bought a bunch. I'm not all that good at canning...yet...but this year I made a few quarts of applesauce. It's a lot of work! But next year, I hope to can some tomatoes, beans, and some fruit jams. Yum!

    Your jelly looks delicious...and free! Can't beat that! ;0)

  2. Brandi, I think the best part about canning is going to your pantry shelves and seeing the fruit of you labor. It's so nice to have a taste of summer in the dead of winter.

  3. You're hands look about the same color Kaylee did when whe was born. Doug said, "She looks like Barney!" Can you believe it? Men!