Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall To Do List

My friend over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink recently wrote a post titled "Fall Goals" that inspired me to share my own list of goals, or as I like to call them, Fall To Do's. Some are for fun and some are more like chores but I'm hoping that putting my list out there will help keep me accountable. We'll see.

Kristie's Fall To Do List

  1. Seal driveways

  2. Keep after leaves and acorns (this is a huge task)

  3. Make apple butter in our kettle over our fire pit and can for gift giving.

  4. Organize our annual Harvest Party and scavenger hunt.

  5. Spend too much time in the hammock reading books and daydreaming.

  6. Bake pumpkin choc chip gobs at least once.

  7. Take a road trip to Vermont when their fall foliage is at it's peak.

  8. Finish all the repair work on my dollhouse.

  9. Plan and organize The Rigo Christmas season.

  10. Stock the freezer and pantry shelves for the long winter months. (This is a must since all my guys will be home and they consume huge amounts of food.) I will make three extra grocery shopping trips over the next three months to accomplish this huge task.

  11. Finish all my required tax classes for the upcoming tax season.

  12. Spend time in our home making it Comfy Cozy for the cooler weather.

  13. Cut quilt squares and start on my first real quilt project.

  14. Make a few Christmas gifts.

  15. Start back up with my daily bible reading program. I've kind of fallen off the wagon.

  16. Plan a weekend getaway with George.

  17. Put all outdoor furniture away for winter or cover if too large.

  18. Divide hostas.

19. Clean car and have all maintenance completed before winter.

20. Buy a snowblower


  1. Wow, that's quite a list! Is there enough time to do all of this? You must have way more energy than me! ;0) I admit, my favorite is #5!


  2. BTW, I know exactly where Friedens in-laws also live in southwestern PA! :0)

  3. 2,5,12,14,16,17,18 Me too!
    just kidding about 16.

  4. Number 16...too funny! I better be the only one planning on number 16. :)