Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heading North Again

I'm leaving this afternoon for Massachusetts. This time I'm taking one of my girlfriends so we can run around while George and the boys work. Not sure what we'll get into. I know Boston and Martha's Vineyard are definite musts. I'll be posting on twitter all week if anyone wants to come along.


  1. Hi Kristie!!
    I'm so glad to "see" you again! It's been so long. I've thought about you so much. Glad you are doing well & I love that you've started a blog. I'll be sure to follow you. ♥

    Enjoy your trip! It's delicious Fall weather ~ yea!! :o)

  2. Hope you are having a great time!

    I'm glad you're joining in the "Fall Fitness Challenge"!

  3. Hi Kristie, have a wonderful trip. Taking a girlfriend with you??? How much fun is that?! I hope you find lots of goodies.

    Barb ♥

  4. Have fun on your trip! I just stopped by from the Fall Fitness Challenge over at Colletta's so I could "meet" you. Looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow!