Saturday, August 28, 2010


Lily. Lilybug. Baby Girl. Sweet Lily. Wacko. Doesn't matter what you call her. She's the head of this household. She rules the roost. She's a tiny little dog with a HUGE personality!We sort of rescued her from Akron, Ohio. We drove there expecting to see this beautiful little black pug. We were not expecting to find a little, dirty, stinky, almost hairless, pug like creature. The ad should have read "Needs good home". Good being the key word.
There was no way she was staying there with those people. No way, no how! Against our better judgement, we exchanged some dollars for the puppy and made a quick escape. Fred and Barney were along. You would have thought she was an alien. They were scared to death of her...still are kind of. :)
It was the dead of winter. She had never been taken outside. We did what any responsible new parent would do. We went to Petco and bought her an entire wardrobe of the tiniest clothes we could find.
She grew. She grew hair. She got a bath or twenty. We all (even F & B) adjusted. She settled right in. Fearless. Adventurous. Crazy and Sweet. She proved to be the best mistake we ever made.
She has stolen our hearts. Ripped them out and chewed them up. They are gone. I have never met a dog as animated, as ornery, as wild, as unruly, as sweet as Lily is. Can you see the orneriness in her eyes? Right after this blurry picture, she ripped the hat off and tried to destroy it.
My boys travel well in the car. Lily does not. She is all over the place. She wants to sit in your lap. She gets herself all worked up in a tizzy. This picture is from a recent trip back from Massachusetts. She looks like an angel, but really she's just passed out from sheer exhaustion. She had spent the previous five hours screaming her head off. I was traveling alone and didn't want to hold her on the busy highways so I put her in a crate. Safe yes. Nerve racking double yes! I wanted to toss her out the window. I didn't. :)
She screams. I 've never heard anything like it. It's a high pitched screech. She hates cats. When she gets excited or nervous she runs around and finds a toy bone to hold in her mouth. She likes to be held and she sleeps tight up against me.

I am so glad she's in our lives. She makes every day interesting.


  1. What wonderful photos! With those eyes, she would have me trained to do anything she wants:)

  2. Kristie! Thanks for the blog invite!
    I will write soon!