Monday, December 6, 2010

Picking Out Our Christmas Tree 2010

Yesterday we went to the tree farm and got our tree. It was a great day to bundle up and and go out searching for "the perfect tree". We loaded into the pick up, drove to the tree farm, got out and walked around, got back in the truck and drove to another field, walked around and searched. We finally found the perfect tree...but it was a tad too big.

So we got back in the truck, went to another field, walked around, found the perfect tree...but it was tagged...somebody else would get to enjoy that perfect tree. Oh well, to be quite honest, all trees pretty much look the same once they get decorated...don't they? We took the boys.

We took these boys too.

Would it be too much information if I told you that the boys peed on every tree they came close too!?! The furry boys that is. They had a field day! All that unmarked territory. It was almost too much for them.

It took a little while to find the right tree.
Do these guys look impatient? Because I think they look impatient! They said not.
Just down one more, okay maybe two or three more rows we ended up finding the right tree.
Homeward bound...for a hot cup of cocoa or coffee...which, come to think of, I never did get.

The tree is a Concolor (our favorite) and it's just the right size and shape. I cannot wait to set it up tonight and decorate it!!

If you've never had a Concolor before you should give it a try (if you're a real tree kind of person). They smell like oranges and have beautiful bluish long needles. Here's a link to the description if you're interested. Concolor Fir


  1. Great photos!!! I've always wanted to visit a real tree farm, but we decided to wait until Andrew's a little older. As it is, he can barely tolerate visiting a tree stand! I can't see a toddler braving the elements to walk around and search for a tree to chop down (although maybe I'm not giving him enough credit!)

    Looks like you got yourselves a beautiful one! Can't wait to see it all decorated! Never heard of the Concolor Firs - sounds beautiful...esp. with the orange smell!


  2. We're going one day this week after Kaylee gets home from school. Can't wait!

  3. Kristie, years ago we would drive up in the mountains of Colorado with a permit to cut our perfect tree! I remember knee deep snow and freezing toes! I also remember doing alot of chopping on a tree that was huge once we got it home. I haven't had a real tree in years. Maybe we should get back to that! Yours will be divine, I'm sure of it.