Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Christmas Wish List

Okay, so I have too much stuff. I am trying to downsize the amount of stuff I possess...but...everyone needs a Christmas wish list. It doesn't really matter if I get anything (or everything) on my list. I just like making lists. sweet, loving, generous traveling man reads my blog. I thought maybe I'd help him out a little and post a few things. :)

If I could only have one thing, I, I know I'd want this.
Here's the handy link sweetie... Le Creuset White Braiser Pan

I could be totally happy with it in the beautiful Caribbean color in the event they should be out of white...just saying.
Okay, moving on...If I could only have two things for Christmas, I think I'd ask for this ring. It's so me...and it's so pretty!
And just in case the link is needed...Rose Red Enamel Ring
I adore books. I read mostly non fiction. I can read a cookbook and be happy and content. I like some fiction from time to time. When it comes to fiction, I'll probably hold out for Pioneer Woman's new book in February. It's only available for pre order right now honey, so I can wait.
Anyway...books, here are a few, but honestly you should just tap into my Barnes and Noble wish list. Jared can show you how...right Jared!?!
Since the last book is titled "Keeping Chickens", maybe now would be a good time to mention that I might want to get some chickens. Really, I'm just kicking the idea around. It's good to be prepared though.

A few other misc. things I might desire would be:
  • A gift certificate for a pedicure
  • The 2011 Gooseberry Patch wall calendar
  • Some mini cast iron skillet (for skillet we'd all benefit from that purchase)
  • Gift certificates for Chick Fil A (yum!) Sheetz, Anthropologie, or Barnes and Noble.
  • A couple DVD's (Eat Pray Love or It's Complicated if you're asking)

Honestly, if I don't get anything (except the braiser pan) for Christmas I will still be content and happy cause I have you! ♥

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  1. Hi Kristie, that is a great pan....hope you get it. :-)

    Sweet post....made me smile.

    Blessings, Barb ♥