Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is Fred. My oldest pug. Fred adores me! I adore Fred!
I share a special bond with Fred. A few weeks after we brought him home, he came down with pneumonia. He was a sick puppy. I mothered him and things have never been the same. He sits on my lap...all the time. He stares at me lovingly...all the time. He gets away with things the others might not get away with. He's my Fredders. He has huge eyes. He's a tad chubby. Lives to...I mean loves to eat. He's a bit of a sissy. He watches TV. He's sweet. His whole body shakes when he barks. He does tricks. He steals the other pugs food when I'm not looking. He can't jump.

He'll work for food.

He's loyal, loving and funny. I know he understands me. He hangs onto every word I say.
He's up for anything.
He's a napper. This picture makes him look chubbier than he actually is...honest.
He travels well.
He's stolen my heart.


  1. OH, too cute!!! I love the picture with the snow hat. How can you look at those eyes and not fall for him?

  2. KRISTY!! I didn't know you had a blog. What's up with that?? I am a follower now.

    You can find Tipsy Cherries at

    LOVE your blog!!


  4. Awwww..Fredders. I would scoop him up in a heartbeat!