Sunday, November 7, 2010


I just sent the guys back to Massachusetts. I am leaving on the train Friday to join them. I have four days to get things done around here. When I come home from Mass, they will be coming home with me...for the winter!! While that excites me more than I can express, it also freaks me out a little. It means change, good change, but change none the less. Do you do well with change? I don't. When you are married to a traveling man, you get used to being home alone. You get used to doing things your way. It seems normal to stay up late to watch Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. It's routine to make dinner one night and eat the leftovers for the rest of the week. It's perfectly okay to trash the house and wait until the night they are coming home to make it presentable. You can get away with it. Nobody cares. But that is all least until spring when the cycle starts over.

I've set myself a couple of goals for the preparation of their return...and the mayhem that will take place.
  • Clean the house and remove all the clutter
  • Work on the leaves so they are caught up till we get home.
  • Plan my thanksgiving menu and shoppping list.
  • Spend a few more nights staying up late watching Gilmore Girls :)
  • Pamper the Pugs since they will be staying behind with my uncle.
  • Work my one day and run all my errands
  • Keep up with my bible study (since I will be missing the next two weeks). Check in with some of the ladies.


  1. It was so great spending time with you and Annette Saturday! I just did my calendar for the week and it is full already. And I thought I was going to have a "slow" week.

    Good luck with completing your goals and have a safe trip!


  2. Great list of goals. I'm sure you can tackle each one easily.
    I understand living alone. Although he does come home every night, my guy is a workaholic and is out of the house for 12-16 hours a day. I do it all around here. ( and I like it that way )