Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miss Meatball

I adore pugs! I have a little collection of them. :) they make my ♥ go pitter-patter! But...there is someone else. Someone that has weasled her way into my life. Into my heart. She's my sons bulldog. Her name is Meatball. Don't get me started on the name. I could think of a hundred more appropriate names for her. A thousand cuter names for her. A million other options...but hey, she's not my dog.
Since Brantley still lives at home, so does Meatball. Since Brantley works with his dad, currently in Massachusetts and travels a good bit, so does Meatball. Not all the time. Sometimes she wants to stay home with her grammie. I don't mind.

She eats my chives! That I mind! Meatball loves her boy. She does a cute little wiggle whenever he comes home. She doesn't wiggle for me. She's quirky. I get that. The little cutie has had multiple surgeries on her eyes. About 4 grand worth. Glad it didn't come out of my bank account. She's okay. She needs another surgery. She has severe dry eye as a result. We deal with it.
She sleep...a lot! She loves to sleep on her back. It's goofy looking...don't you think!?!
Our house is small. Four dogs reside here. Is it crowded? Yes. Do we mind? No! Four dogs equals four times the love in my humble opinion. It wouldn't work for definitely works for us...and that's all that matters.


  1. She's adorable. I love the sleeping position!

  2. Those pictures are hysterical Kristie! Meatball is so funny. How could you not love her! We have a quirky cat now! He eats all sorts of weird things. Raffia, ribbon, string, tomatoes, PICKLES, onion, MANDARIN ORANGES, she cries for those when hubby breaks them out. Animals can really make a house a home, can't they?
    I can't believe, Fred, Barney and Lily are allowing Meatball equal time!

  3. oops, I meant HE in my post. It's MR. WHISKERS!

  4. I want to meet Mr. Whiskers some day, Victoria!

  5. Kristie .. popping over from Colletta's Kitchen sink .. just want to say you are doing great on your Fall Challenge .. keep up the great work!! And what adorable Furbabies ... we have a Yellow Lab - her name is Stella and a Yorkie his name is Dolce ... its unbelievable the warmth and love these little ones give us...

  6. She's adorable! Yikes about the surgery costs, but she certainly is a cutie!


  7. Ahhh....oh my goodness.....I LOVE this post. What a cutie pie. :)