Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Howard The Duck

Last month I took the train to come home from Massachusetts. During my trip, I received a text message from George. It was a picture of the cutest wooden duck I've ever seen. I'm not usually a fan of wooden ducks, but I do love anything chippy and old. Isn't he adoraable!?! I love the way he's tucked in his seatbelt...safety first.

His colors are perfect. I use these colors.
I got really excited. Knowing my sweet and loving husband, I just knew that Howard had found his way into my life. Why else would George text me his picture...right!?! Wrong!! And so began a little controversy...a little he said, she said bit.

I immediately texted him back asking who he belonged to...feeling pretty confident that he already belonged to me, I might add. To my text I also added, "I'd give him a good home". He then replied "Ed" (an inspector on their jobsite). Let me just say that before I had a chance to react to my disappointment, he texted me in a seperate message "Just got him for 35 dollars". I thought what any other sensible person would think, that he got him from Ed for 35 dollars. Right!?! Otherwise, he would have said that Ed got him for 35 dollars all in one text message. Exactly! So I was sure Howard was mine. So sure that I texted back "Ahh...I love him already...the duck that is".

I could hardly wait till the weekend when Howard would make the journey (in his seatbelt, I hoped) from Massachusetts to Home Sweet Home. Friday night came. The guys got in late. I didn't immediately think of Howard. Actually, I didn't think of him till the next morning. I don't remember exactly what time it was, but I finally asked where Howard was. The reply back from my sweet and loving husband shocked me. He simply stated (with a weird "what are you talking about" look in his eye) that he was with Ed in Massachusetts. What!?! Turns out that George was just showing me a picture of a duck named Howard that Ed had bought. Huh!?! That is not the way the conversation went down! I was is despair. I was already attached to Howard. He was perfect in every way.

Long story short(ish), George made a phone call to Ed. Ed made a demand. We met the demand and Howard came to his forever home the following weekend.

I am happy...and I LOVE my husband...and Howard!!!


  1. Too funny!!! Glad he finally found his way to your home!! :) Way to go, George!


  2. Hey, you better give that Ed guy a little credit too!
    That was so sweet of George, he IS a keeper. Howard is cute and does fit right in with those dishes! Enjoy him.
    You should tape a short story to the bottom of Howard so you will never forget how you aquired him! I know you think you won't forget but age has a way of blurring memories! I'm going to write a story for the bottom of the rock I inherited from my mom. It used to hold my Granny's kitchen door open. It will preserve the memory for future generations!

  3. I love the idea of preserving the story, Vic! A rock that used to prop her door open...sweeeet!