Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daisies and Fruit Loops

Last week our church had a bake sale to benefit a little boy and his family. The little boy had been burned in a camp fire accident. His family needed some help. Our youth also had a bike a thon. It was fun. It was for a good cause.

I usually concentrate on the yum factor of a sweet treat and not the cuteness. This time I decided to try for both. I made cookies and cupcakes.

The daisy cookies...
...they were inspired by this awesome lady . She made similar ones on her show a few weeks ago. I used my own vanilla bean sugar cookie recipe and her idea for the daisy.

Then I made cupcakes. A plain white cake from a box and my all time favorite frosting. I used some adorable cupcake liners from this place and some fruit loops cereal. So easy. So cute.

Fruit Loop Cupcakes...

I will definitely make both of these treats again sometime.


  1. Adorable and treats that I know my students would love!

  2. SO cute and they still looked like they would've tasted YUMMY!

  3. I love the look of those daisy cookies! (I bet most people can guess that I love just about anything with daisies on it.)